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Spam Filtering

Spam is the scourge of businesses.  It takes up your time by having to sort though possibly 100’s of junk mail to find that one important email that you really want to read or need to read.  It takes up valuable space in your inbox.  Sometimes clogging things up so that you can’t receive that important business related email.  It costs businesses millions of dollars annually in lost employee time sorting though the slog of junk email. 

So what can you do about it?

First and formost!  Do not give out your business email for any reason but business!  Don’t subscribe to newsletters with it.  Don’t use it when you shop online.  Don’t use it to register to access a website and except as an emergency contact don’t give it to family and friends.  We all love to hear from Aunt Tilli but all of a sudden she isn’t sending you notes about her and the family but is sending you every joke that she gets from her friends and thinks that you will like as much as she does and wants to share it with you.

But I need to get all those, what can I do?  Get a free Yahoo email account or one of the other free email accounts! They are easy to get and to use.  Use it for all of your newsletters better yet you can get several and use one for family and one for shopping.  I personally have a yahoo account, they offer unlimited storage space and have a pretty good spam filter.  I get 2-3 emails that I want to see everyday and over 250 emails that drop into the “bulk” (spam) box daily.

Ok I’ve signed up for a free email service but how do I get rid of all the junk that is still coming to my business address?  This takes a little work, but you will have to go to all those sites that you voluntarily signed up for and change your address to the new free email account.  Many of them send/sell their email lists to other companies that do bulk (spam) mailing and a great many of the emails that you are getting will just dissappear.  Sadly many will not.  Don’t forget to give Aunt Tilli that new email address as well, she means well and is just trying to brighten your day, and she may actually have some news for you.

Printing costs money but sometimes your only choice is to change your email address.  Just a minor change to your name will block all that other email and allow you to start clean and new,  ie: can easily be changed to  This is an easy way to modify your email address on your business card as well until you actually change it with the printers, or we can configure your email so that it forwards to another Free Yahoo account utilizing their “Free spam filtering system”.

Finally you might just have to filter out the email.  Although I don’t use Outlook or Outlook Express I understand that they have implemented the ability to mark emails as “junk”  Thunderbird has been doing that all along and it learns as you keep doing it.





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