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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page). Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to this our Web site may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please email us or call us between 9 am and 6 pm Mountain time at 406-752-8677.

Browser and Email Clients:

Well after years of fighting Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Outlook and Outlook Express we have changed to Mozzilla’s FireFox and Thunderbird.  All I can say is WOW! 
FireFox comes with a built in pop-up blocker and ad blocker (you have the option to allow or disallow pop-ups and ads of those sites that you want to see them from).  You can also download modules that will block Flash (you can still see them if you wish) which makes going into some sites such as ebay much easier especially if you don’t have a ton of memory on your computer. 
The download is very small for Firefox and Thunderbird as opposed to Microsoft’s combined download which can be up to 77meg’s.  That’s a lot of storage space that could be converted to usable space.  Plus you don’t have to constantly worry about security updates that don’t fix security issues.

For more information about these programs please go to:


How do I configure my mail client to send and receive?

Third party email client configuration

Follow these links for specific instructions on how to set up the corresponding email clients:

Having problems sending email?  The problem may be with your SMTP (outgoing server) port setting, the default port is 25, changing it to 587 normally solves the problem.
Our server has sending limits:  See the Outbound Mail Limits/Quotas

Spam seems to be the bane of existence at this time. Although we are doing what we can to minimize the amount of spam there are a few things that you can do to help yourself.

You need to send out a newsletter to Hundreds of Addresses?  We have a solution for that too.  Click here to read about Announcement Mailing Lists.

There are also spam blocking programs that you can purchase.  I have done some research for some of them.  Here are a few that you can get to go along with or without your virus protection programs. 

Tips to Cut Down on SPAM

  • PHISHING! (fishing) Never, ever click on a link in an email that asks for your personal information, ie. bank account number, pin number, username, password.  If there is a problem, rather than click on the link, actually go to the website by going through your browser and logging into your account.  If there is a problem they will inform you at that time.  If there actually is a problem and you can’t log in then call them or email them.  But rule of thumb, If your bank or PayPal or credit card company sends you an email where they start by saying attention “customer” or Dear Valued Customer or anything on that line, chances are it’s a phishing scheme.  PayPal, your bank and your credit card company as well as anyone else you do business with “knows your name” and will address you by it.  If you get an email that doesn’t address you by your name but wants your name, they’re phishing for your name.
  • Never respond to unsolicited email (i.e., spam). To the individuals who send spam, one response or "hit" among thousands of mailings is enough to justify the practice.
  • Never respond to the spam email's instructions to reply with the word "remove" unless you trust the company sending the email. This is a ploy to get you to react to the email and will alert the sender that your email address is open and available to receive mail, which greatly increases its value. If you reply, your address may be placed on more lists, resulting in more spam.
  • Never click on a URL or web site address listed within a spam email. This could alert the site to the validity of your email address, potentially resulting in more spam.
  • Never sign up with sites that promise to remove your name from spam lists. Although some of these sites may be legitimate, more often than not, they are address collectors. The legitimate sites are ignored (or exploited) by the spammers, and the address collection sites are owned by spammers. In both cases, your address is recorded and valued more highly because you have just identified that your address is active.
  • Finally, use your email that is associated with your domain name for business and or close family and friends only.  There are many companies that provide free email accounts that you can sign up for to use when you go to a website and they need an email address.  Check out or HotMail.  I play one online game daily using a free Yahoo email account.  If I go to a website that needs an email address to see more information I use the free yahoo email that I signed up for.  It generates approx. 20 emails to its Inbox and 300 spam emails to the spam box daily.  But they don’t get downloaded to my computer via outlook express. I don’t have to worry about having all that spam to look at everyday if I don’t want to or spammers getting my “real” email address.  It’s well worth it!

Spyware - Check out the link below for anti-Trackware. They have a free version available that I would highly recommend. When you surf the net and even when you download some of that junk mail there are hidden codes that will place cookies on your system. Then as you travel the internet they actually track your preferences and you end up with a lot more spam. But by running the anti-tracking software it will remove these cookies and you will see a moderate to dramatic decrease in junk email.

Lavasoft is the industry leader and most respected provider of anti Trackware solutions. They have developed several applications that will provide you with the means to keep your computer or network free of these compromising and intrusive threats to your privacy.

  • NOTE: I cut my junk email down by a ton by downloading the free version of the program from it is an anti-spyware/ anti-tracking software program. I normally run it about once a week or more often if I have been browsing the web a lot. I have been able to delete any thing that it quarantines on my computer without any damage to any programs that I run. That includes any registry keys that it quarantines. Give it a try.

The use of your account to send out any bulk and/or unsolicited e-mail, commercial or otherwise (spamming), is strictly prohibited.  Bulk e-mail (spamming) is defined as identical or similar e-mail messages sent to 25 or more recipients where such e-mail has not been specifically requested by the recipient.  Any violation of this policy may result in the immediate termination of your account, at the sole discretion of the Company.

POP3/IMAP Email Accounts:

All hosting accounts come with POP3/IMAP email accounts. You can have unlimited alias accounts.

Setting the server settings in Outlook Express:

    Incoming Server [POP3]:
    Outgoing Server [SMTP]:
    You will need to change to your actual domain name.
    You will also need to check the box that reads something like “My server requires authentication” Which means that you must check your email before you will be allowed to send email or once you check the box it will send the authentication information needed for you to send out your email.


    If you have problems with sending or receiving email from our server then please give me a call. 406-752-8677


Great for those that do not want to bother installing and configuring email client software when you are traveling. WebMail is also great because it is so easy to check your email when traveling. You can quickly do it from any computer with Internet access.  If you have an account with us you can click on the link below the navigation bar.  The down side to using WebMail is that you have a quota of storage space and email that is left in WebMail eats up your quota so, you will want to download your mail to your computer once you get back to the office or home.

Need to Register a Domain Name?:

My favorite place to register a domain name is  Click on the graphic to get your new domain name or you can transfer your existing domain name to them.  They are easy to deal with and very affordable.  Only $11.99 + 0.18 ICCAN fee per year. 
We do not resell this program nor do we generate any income from your purchase of a domain name with them.

Name Server Information:

Nameservers control how a domain name is resolved. IE:  It acts as a street address telling the internet where to go to find the information when someone asks for your domain name to view your website.
Changes to nameservers may take up to 48 hours to take effect.

If you are hosting with us you will need to enter the following information into the record.


Please verify with us before you make any changes.

Dial-Up Service:

Sorry but at this time we do not offer dial up/DSL service.  We are strictly a web design and hosting company




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